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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 8, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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matched the blood of ---you see the guy next to him at nebraska medical center, u.s. journalist, who also unfortunately came down with ebola, he gave him a transfusion so hopefully he can survive. a grim first for america. the first person diagnose with the ebola here has died. and today new screenings at airports are starting, this is special report. good evening, i'm brett baier, the first person diagnosed with ebola in the united states has died. thomas eric duncan lost his battle with the virus this morning. and there's word that another person has come to the hospital with similar symptoms. this comes as the obama
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administration announces the enhanced screening from five airports. they are jfk at newark, o'hare in chicago, hartsfield-jackson in larpt. casy stevens is here with the latest. >> reporter: brett, good evening to you, that new patient you spoke of is being monitored an tested as we speak. ironically right here at health presbyterian hospital where thomas duncan died from the disease early this morning. according to medical providers at an urgent care facility in frisco, texas which is north of dallas, a patient came in there with symptoms and also checked yes to one of the screening questions on recent travel to north africa. so the patient was brought to north texas health hospital. the cdc chief says there are more questions than answers at
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this hour. this of course comes after thomas duncan, the liberian national who brought ebola to the united states last month lost his battle with the ill js. four members of his family here in north texas are not of course mourning, but also wondering if they face the same fate as they sit in quarantine until october 19, at the end of ebola's maximum 21-day incubation period. they had been in extremely close contact with duncan at these dallas apartments, as the virus began ravaging his body. his long-time girlfriend said this today, i hope you will keep my family in your prayers, this has dramatically changed our lives and we will be grieving for a long time. may eric rest in peace. meantime today we also got more details on the beefed up screening process from passengers from west africa coming into a handful now of
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u.s. airports, jfk, newark, dulles, chicago, and atlanta. >> these five airports represent about 94%, nearly 95% of all the 150,000 travelers per day who arrive from these three countries. the department of homeland security, cdp, customs and border protection will be implementing a new detailed questionnaire, as welt as a temperature taking and providing information to each traveler. >> and finally, this evening, that freelance nbc news photo journalist, who contracted ebola while working in liberia, continues to be treated in nebraska, officials say that he is receiving an experimental drug and he's also receiving a blood transfusion from a different american doctor who was successfully treated for ebola not too long ago.
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brett? >> cas american aid workers who plan to travel to west aftrica o help with going through intensive training inspect atlan atlanta. >> reporter: it is africa in the heart of alabama, an urgent effort by the cdc to train hundreds of health workers in the hot zone. they really want to serve, they want to help, many are also very concerned about their safety. >> reporter: fear? >> i think it's safe to say some are a little scared. >> reporter: this fema center -- among them, doctor inge gred donato, a medical missionary with the christian missionary, samaritan's purse. >> you know you have to be careful. >> reporter: the sole purpose of this training, how to protect themselves against ebola.
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they learn how to put on suits, boots, double gloves, and masks. this is one of the riskiest parts of the process. they have to be meticulous in how they take off their personal protective equipment or they could contaminate themselves with ebola. samaritan's purse had the first doctor who became infeblgted with ebola. >> i am responsible to be the hands and feet of jesus. that's what's deep in my heart and that's what motivates me. otherwise, it does seem crazy. >> they may be lying a pool of stool, they may be lying a pool of vomit. >> reporter: the risk they're taking is enormous. doctors with experience with ebola are now dead from it. but with these brave men and women, the mission is everything. >> this is where god wants me to go and i need to go.
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and so i ask for my family to support me, but i didn't ask them for permission. >> reporter: that said, the people i talked to said if they weren't a little bit scared, tlltd be something wrong. brett? >> john, thank you. let's put the ebola situation into some perspective tonight, it clearly is a deadly virus and health authorities are taking it as you can see, very seriously, but so far, there has only been one confirmed case in the u.s. and now one fatality. in the most recent cdc statistics from 2010, about 54,000 people died from influenza and pneumonia that year. heart disease took almost 6 hung,0hun 00,000. and cancer a little less. president obama took hiss determination to keep american combat troops out of the isis war to the pentagon today to hear from the officers charged with using only airpower so far. chief white house correspondent
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ed henry reports on the continuing calls from the president to rethink his strategy. >> president obama went behind closed doors with war planners in the pentagon and suggested she's staying the course with isis. >> it remains a difficult mission, as i have indicated from the start, this is not something that's going to be solved overnight. >> the chairman of the house armed services committee, insisted otherwise. republican buck mckee in declaring isis is not being degraded by air strikes, achkd american ground troops are necessary because the president, quote, needs to walk out of the pentagon willing to put new options on the table, rather than continuing to rule them out. >> the joint chiefs are going to tell the president, mr. president, the air strikes so far have disrupted isis and that's been successful. but your stated goal, sir, is to defeat isis. >> reporter: white house spokesman josh ernest repeatedly says the air strikes are effective. >> you have seen the u.s.
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military carry out air strikes in this region, that have degraded the ability of isil to carry out this function. now is this going to stop isil from overrunning kobani? i don't think anybody knows. >> reporter: though state department spokeswoman general psake had trouble articulating that yesterday, during a 48-second answer that included this. >> by the iraqi security forces. one moment, sorry. i'll sign this. >> in an interview promoting his new book, leon panetta told bill o'reilly it starts at the top. >> i think deep down, you know, he know what is needs to be
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done, but what he's got to do is develop the will to fight to get into the ring in order to make it happen. >> do your enemies throughout the world fear us? >> reporter: sparking spigs lags the president -- big names like chief of staff dennis mcdonough and national security advisor susan rice. now even jimmy carter is on the attack tell -- josh ernest responded that it's farfetched to suggest that helping the syrian rebels sooner would have mattered. up next, another nasty surprise for obama care customers coming soon, we'll explain. here's what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. the family of the woman beheaded
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in a workplace attack spoke publicly for the first time. the suspect colleen hufford -- >> an indiana family is suing over officer conduct during a traffic stop for a seat belt violation. the family says officers had no reason to break their window and use a stun gun on a passenger. the officer says the occupants refused lawful police orders. this is a live look at san francisco, the big story there tonight, the grounding of air tankers used to fight fires at yosemite national park. win of the s2t tankers slammed into a wall killing a pilot. that's tonight's live look outside the belt way on special report. we'll be right back. no hidden fees, from the bank where no branches equals great rates.
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zbr president obama unequivocally promised that under obama care, everyone could keep their doctors and their plan period, everybody had a lie by the partisan group, a promise he made 37 times. >> no one will take it away, no matter what. >> reporter: mr. president -- but that unleashed a nasty political backlash forcing him to back down, calling for states and insurers to extend those policies for another four years. he says he didn't have much choice. >> it's about 5 million or 6
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million people what are affected here. >> reporter: many flatly refused to extend at all? year another 13 along with the district of columbia will also cancel. >> it looks like several hundred thousand people across the country will receive notice in the coming days and weeks. >> virginia will be hardest hit with 250 policies to be cancelled. >> i'm not going to support a health care reform plan that's going to take away health care that you've got right now or a health care plan that you like. >> and because federal law requires a 6 0-day notice of any plan changes, voters will be notified no later than november 1, just before the elections. >> there will be a lot of disappointed people a few weeks before the election, yes, this month is when people will be notified about their cancelled politics. >> officials intended to make
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the same promise president obama did--on something we know full well we won't deliver. >> the truth is that the clinton health care plan failed in part because people realized they wouldn't be able to keep their health plan and they wouldn't necessarily be able to keep their doctor. >> could i keep my doctor or not? the answer is if i can't get a plan that keeps my doctor, then i'm unhappy. >> many will not be able to keep their doctor, and again high deductibles will make obama care an election issue. walmart is the nation's biggest employer to cut health benefits because of obama care. starting next year, the company will no longer provide coverage to about 30,000 part time workers. it will also raise peopremiums others. wall street rebounded in a big way from a miserable tuesday with an excellent wednesday. the dow gained 275 today, the
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s&p 500 was up 34, the nasdaq finished ahead 83. still ahead, a look at just how effective the air war against isis has been. first we go to the big board for a complete roundup of the key races heading into the midterm elections. while every business is unique,
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you can use it to track your actual energy use. find rebates that make equipment upgrades more affordable. even develop a customized energy plan for your company. think of it as a way to take more control over your operating costs. and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. in america's election headquarters tonight, the balance of power in the u.s. senate, that's what we have been talking about, who will control the senate. some new fox news polls in key races. first, kansas, this is a big change, with incumbent pat roberts now up five points on independent greg orman. now let's go to colorado. this is also a change from what we have seen in this race with a widening of the lead for corrie
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gardner, we were just out there yesterday, mark udall at 37% in our latest poll. arkansas, also a split here with tom cotton, the representative, going up against the incumbent, and cotton picking up points in our latest fox news poll. alaska, the republican dan sullivan, at 44%, the incumbent marc begich at 40%. and kentucky, the minority leader you see is just about where he has been in the real clear politics, afternoon has been up four. if you look at all the approval ratings of the president in aural five of these states. the highest approval president obama has, 36% in colorado. and that's across all five of these states. pretty remarkable as you look at that. now let's take a look at where it stands today. these are all the senate races as they are and the incouple
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beincouple ---incumbents. the republicans plan to pick up in montana, iowa los angeles like it's going republican. arkansas, alaska, and kansas, just today there was a debeat between the incumbent pat roberts and the incumbent regular orman. >> does anybody really believe that we'll stand up to president obama? we helped elect them. >> we're sending the worst of both parties to washington, builter partisans who care more about pleasing the special interests in their own parties than they do about solving their own problems. >> according to the polls, west virginia would go to the republicans as of today. that would give the majority if kansas held, colorado would go to the republicans if the average of polls held today, the
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election was held today, new hampshire, another debate, very interesting, between gene shaheen and scott brown on monday. >> i don't believe we should send hundreds of thousands of american troops to the middle east. >> what if air strikes don't work? where are we then. >> >> that according to the politics average of polls would stay blue as of now in democratic hands. north carolina, take a look at kay haygan and tom tillis. >> tillis has a record of dividing our state, always putting the wealthy and big corporations first. he's gutted education, killed an equal pay bill, made college more expensive and said no to health care. >> senator haygan went to washington, she promised us she would be different and she broke her promise. you want the same filled policies of president obama, you
3:24 pm
vote for kay haygan, in that race right now, according to to the average of polls, that would stay in the democrats hands, kay haygan with the lead there. if you look at louisiana, this is expected to go to the republicans, but right now we can't say that, because this could go to a run off december 6. the other hope for democrats is georgia. take a listen to michelle nunn and david perdue. >> he would be the only senator who in his own words has built a career out of outsourcing american jobs. that is not the experience that we need in washington. >> middle class wages have dropped dramatically. and yes in the last six years, we put 4 million women in the policy -- >> as of last night, that race is tightening, but still in the republicans' hands. this is how the breakdown is, as of today, according to the average of polls, and there you see, 52-48, if kansas stays
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republican. that would mean as of today, if the election was held today, the republicans would control the u.s. senate. obviously the election was not held today, it's 27 days from now, and we'll keep you updated every day until election day. coming up, we'll tell you which state is replacing columbus day with indigenous people's day. how much money do you have in your pocket right now? i have $40, $21. could something that small make an impact on something as big as your retirement? i don't think so. well if you start putting that towards your retirement every week and let it grow over time, for twenty to thirty years, that retirement challenge
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mpls your tax dollars are helping people enjoy -- which atm machines were used by colorado welfare recipients to withdraw cash from their government issued debit cards. in two years, almost $4 million were withdrawn outside of the state, including the vacation hot spots, $70,000 in las vegas, 5,500 in hawaii, $5,500 in hawa
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thomas. you can't walker drive to the hawaiian islands, that's a pricey flight. using those cards there is troubling. we told you about a welfare law allowing debit cards to be used legally at marijuana dispensaries. it's columbus day on monday except in seattle. the city council has voted to rename is religious holiday to indigenous people's day. the head of the quinault tribe noting nobody discovered seattle. several italian americans are objecting saying replacing columbus day is a big insuggest to the explorer's italian country men. and a hard lesson for a new jersey library that you could practice what you preach.
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the new morristown like has a new inscription in latin on the outside. it's supposed to say, we confirm all things twice. not true, the author failed to confirm the translation even once, it translates we second guess all. recapping one of our top stories, president obama went to the pentagon today to discuss his airpower only strategy of dealing with isis. and he's meeting more and more resistance. tonight let's look at just how effective these air strikes have been so far. national security correspondent jennifer griffin is at the pentagon. >> reporter: as another syrian town looks set to fall into the hands of isis, the limits of u.s.-led air strikes are becoming more and more apparent, with the pentagon now trying to downplay expectations. >> air strikes alone are not going to do this, not going to fix this, not going to save the county of kobani, we know that.
3:32 pm
>> reporter: even the turkish president whose military has stayed on the border and out of the fighting admits as much. >> translator: terrorism cannot be stopped with aerial bomb boardment alone. >> reporter: the defense secretary has now urged obama to lift -- >> the military thinks we ought to have special forces boots on the ground in order to do what's right, i think the president ought to be open to that. >> reporter: the pentagon spokesman ruled out any suggestion the commanders would request those authorities from the president during his viz skit today. >> you're describing kobani as a place where air strikes are going to be of limited value, you don't have ground troops on the ground, a local indigenous force to work with, is it time now to ask for permission to use ground forces there? >> no. >> the pentagon estimates isis already controls half the city of kobani.
3:33 pm
a camera crew began seeing signs of u.s. air strikes in the past 48 hours. >> we have been witnessing several u.s. coalition air strikes against isis today, mostly on the southwestern side of the city, you can see those black plumes of smoke coming up, we think they have hit isis tanks, but that is outside the city, all today we have also been seeing and hearing, loud, intense fire coming from the very center of the city, indicating that there is street to street, hand to hand combat there on the streets of kobani. >> they had 18 air strikes in the city up until yesterday and five or six today. but we got into this a little late. and with not enough obviously air strikes to make a true difference. >> without an indigenous force to partner with on the ground in syria, there's only so much that the air force can do, brett. >> jennifer griffin life at the
3:34 pm
pentagon. former cia and pentagon chief leon panetta says president obama was advised early on that the attacks on benghazi were carried out by terrorists. >> i had no reason not to believe them. in those situations, the cia is the one that has to come forward with the analysis as to what exactly took place in that situation. and they were still in the process, frankly of gathering the information. so i thought those talking points were not on point. >> subsequently they were wrong. >> my view was with the kind of weapons that showed up, there was no question in my mind that there was a terrorist attack. >> regarding the administration's initial claim that the attacks were in response to a video, panetta says the video should have emphasized the certainty -- the house committee investigating
3:35 pm
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this is a fox news alert, a person out of dallas has been confirmed that they're being tested for ebola symptoms, that person is said to be one of the dallas county sheriffs who was one of the first responders. the tests are under way and the results will be returned in two days. but dallas officialless cs conf that it's a dallas county sheriff's department deputy. but today the official announcement that increased airport screenings will be started. >> starting at jfk on saturday, and at the four other airports that were mentioned in the
3:39 pm
following week, and that was dulles, newark, chicago and atlanta. these five airports represent 94%, 95% of all of the 150 travelers per day who arrive from these three countries. the department of homeland security, cbp, will be impmenting a new details questionnaire as well as temperature taking to each traveler. >> here you see the map of the five airports in question, as you heard, newark, jfk, atlanta, dulles and chicago o'hare. this is dealing with travelers from west africa and the countries involved here, sierra leone, liberia, guinea, and they're estimating 150 people a day. steve hayes, writer for the
3:40 pm
national herald. and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. okay, steve. >> i think these measures and the announcement of these measures was meant to make people feel reassured that the government is on top of this, they're taking extra steps to make sure that there's no more ebola that makes its way to the united states. i think if you watch the actual press conference, it has the opposite of the desired effect. dr. freeden was asked specifically about the possibility that someone could come to the united states, could be asked these additional questions, basically lie about them, as the deceased man did. and not be showing symptoms, get on a plane, come to the united states seeking treatment. these measures would not catch that. he didn't say anything when he got that question twice, he had no real response, he changed the subject, didn't answer it at all. it's obvious that it wouldn't have had that affect on the person who made his way lehere d
3:41 pm
would not have that affect on people using the same means. >> we should note that thomas duncan died this morning from ebola in the u.s. mara, these screenings, they are stepping up, but there's still a lot of people out there saying, why don't these flights stop? >> why don't we have a travel ban? that would be the next step, if you really want to cut this off and have nobody coming to the united states in these countries at all. the administration doesn't want to go that far yet. >> why? >> nobody has caught ebola in the united states yet, this guy in dallas is being tested now. the person who died got it in liberia. i think they would rather not do a travel ban, but if there are cases far caught in the united states there will be one. >> you put up the graphic about the people who die every year from the flu, pneumonia all those stats and the numbers.
3:42 pm
this is obviously very serious, but the perspective is also good. >> it's extremely unlikely that you would have a breakout, an epidemic in a first world country, surely not in the u.s. however, if you get an outbreak or even a small number of cases when it is unnecessary and preventable, that would be a tragedy. which is why i think that mara is right. one more case of the importation of ebola and we will have a travel ban. this is just a half measure and there's no real reason why you wou wou wouldn't impose a travel ban. they know, they're not prejudiced against these countries, obviously that they were the imperial powers in the area, thigh have some attachment to it. but nonetheless, they want to err on the side of prevention. i think if there's one more case, there will be a travel ban. i wouldn't be terribly worried about this sheriff's deputy, i think it's a fairly low risk.
3:43 pm
he never had a district contact with duncan. he was idiotically sent someone a quarantine order, why you have to serve it to the apartment of a guy with ebola, i'm sure that's not going to happen again, next time they'll fax him the quarantine order, but nevertheless, he didn't have any direct contact. he's likely just got the flu, but we'll find out. >> tell me about the military response and his concerns. >> i have instructed folks, we're not going to, you know, compromise the health and safety of our services, but what's true is we have unique capabilities that nobody else has, and as a consequence of us gets in early and building that platform, we're now able to leverage resources from other countries
3:44 pm
and move with speed and effectiveness to curb that epidem epidemic. >> steve, there was an interesting moment at the pentagon in which the general in charge of all this, rodriguez, said that there may be military members who come in contact with ebola patients. they then had to issue a clarification, saying no, they won't actually be interacting with them and they will just be working with blood samples. this is a concern. >> these are the kinds of things that don't inspire confidence. everything that happened today at the federal government and the public discussion of ebola was designed to instill confidence. to say we have got this, we know what we're doing. but whether it's what you're talking about, the contradictions there, or whether it's the lame excuses that the cdc gave for not having a travel ban. it had the opposite effect. he was asked about the travel
3:45 pm
ban directly and he stayed we need to have people be able to go there to help out. and the question was whether people would be able to come back to the united states. and he talked about the financial disruption that accompanied the sars virus, $40 billion. but you're talking about 40 -- you're not talking about a disruption on that scale because of a travel ban, whereas if you had a broader disruption or an outbreak, you would be talking about numbers at least that high. >> last word, mara? >> yeah, i think this is something that the administration has told us over and over again we know how to handle this kind of thing. and now we're going to find out, because if we're going to get more cases, we're going to get them i think relatively soon. next up, a look another the midterms. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie,
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to bring people together and to get things done in washington. >> if you like what's going on in washington, vote for my opponent. because she'll be nothing but a rubber stamp for barack obama and harry reid. >> in fact, a vote for greg orman is a vote to hand over the future of kansas to harry reid and barack obama. >> pat roberts will repeatedly tell that you president obama and harry reid are the reason that washington is such a mess. and you know what? he is half right. the other half of the mess, mitch mcconnell and a pat roberts. >> kansas and georgia, two of the debates. kansas happening today. let's take a look at the new fox polls and new rnc average of polls in these races. in alaska you see the republican dan sullivan up 4. the rpc average of this race has it a little bit bigger spread than our poll. let's go to arkansas. our new poll, the fox poll cotton wydeninging that lead over pryor, the rcp average
3:50 pm
here is also a little bit tighter than in arkansas. let's go to colorado. we were just out there yesterday. gardner in our poll wydening his lead, the rcp average closer. increased gardner's lead in the average. then, have you kansas. this is a big change, actually, in this poll. and you can seat rcp average has now been affected by. this but, still, greg or oman is leading in that there is another poll out today that puts it it very tight. and there you see mcconnell and grimes up 4 points and a the rcp average is also, i believe, at roughly right at four points. we're back with the panel. looking at this race. marah? >> the race still looks like it's the production' to lose. even if they got kansas and if orman caucuses with the democrats, it would still be republican because they are going to get colorado and
3:51 pm
i'm assuming you have iowa in there trending republican, too. plus, alaska, plus arkansas, louisiana and the other three open races, that's it. that's well over 6. now, if the democrats hang on, i think it will be because of their field operation. >> which we were just in colorado yesterday. we can tell threw is a a big democratic operation there. >> yep. >> get out the vote and the money spent on the ground is going to be significant. >> they are spending tremendous amounts of money on this. person.l the committee guy that's what he does. he said, told mr report. today sit at his computer, he knows what steve jones and the artic circle has done today. how many people he has registered. how many doors he has knocked on. they have a great sophisticated operation. i guess the theory would be from the democrats that it is not showing up in the polls. i think the polls show a very very strong chance that the republicans will take the senate. >> here is another interesting thing from our fox poll, charles that is
3:52 pm
president obama's approval rating in these five states. it's stunning if you look at these approval ratings. 36% is the highest approval in any of the five states. you can see them in just a second. all five and 31% is the lowest in kansas. but you look at those numbers and can you see why these ads include president obama saying every one of my policies is on the ballot. >> look the fact that those numbers, which are historically low are the fact of life in those states, and, yet, the races are all pretty close is a tribute to the local regional strength of the democratic candidates. some of whom have great family names like pryor in arkansas, landrieu in louisiana. alaska. nonetheless, i think what is interesting is you can see sort of a separation beginning to open here. the most stunning result you showed of course as you pointed out was kansas where
3:53 pm
orman, the so-called independent who is a closet democrat was in front. i have always thought that he couldn't keep that up, the reason is he has to act like a cameleon and pretend he is on the fence. he could go either way. he is obviously a democrat. you can't pretend for a month. the other two races that are wydening and really interesting are cotton in arkansas and the race in colorado, gardner and udall. if those are are spreading, trending republican, it's going to be a big republican night. >> let me put this on the board. south dakota, there is a new poll out today, it's being called on the ground an outlier. but, take a look at this. independent larry pressler 32%. mike brown the republican is expected to run away with this. looking like is he polling very bad. this is not being said to be the best of polls according to people on the ground. but it raises the prospect
3:54 pm
of south dakota somehow coming in to being a kansas situation. >> and there is talk that democrats are going to put inasmuch as a million dollars in television in south dakota. and if that's actually true, a million dollars in south dakota buys quite a bit of television. so, if that's true, it would be yet another example of state that republicans sort of counted on or thought likely was in the bag that maybe ends up being competitive. i'm thinking of other ones like kansas, maybe kentucky. like georgia where republicans didn't think that they would be fighting at this point. as marah points out, on the other hand, have you states that thought were either going to be highly competitive or likely democrat like iowa, maybe colorado, alaska, louisiana. where republicans are doing at least as well as the democrat and potentially doing better. >> we should point out in south dakota mike rounds has not really campaigned that much. >> he didn't show up for the last debate. >> everybody thought he had it in the bag.
3:55 pm
>> larry pressler, let's remind our viewers larry pressler is not a greg orman we don't think he would caucus with the democrats he is a former republican senator. there is one other scenario we should talk about at some point. greg orman might not be the only one deciding to it ho to caucus with. if the republicans almost had a majority, a small one, maybe joe manchin would decide to change his party. maybe other independence would flip, too. it could be very fluid. >> the jim jeffress of the next senate the late vermont senator who switched parties and changed the control. >> he was once here on center seat and i asked him why don't you go straight and become a republican. >> joe manchin you mean. >> yes. he kind of danced around it. he may not dance next january. >> well, if the chairmanship is on the board you never know. >> i'm sure it can be arranged. >> we'll be following all of this as you can imagine every step of the way. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see one local
3:56 pm
an are core aapparently in need of a caffeine fix.
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energy lives here. probably seen coffee mugs sitting on the news desks. sometimes it's filled but one local anchor pointed outed in the open to a show sometimes they are not. >> good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us this morning on this october 4th. i'm kelly along with- >> -- look at that guy's coffee mug again. only way mugs are they safer held upside down? a new report finds the answer. >> by the way, after that bit, that anchor later insisted that he meant to hold it upside down on purpose to show that there is never anything in it. you decide. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in just seconds. she has incident an interview with the mother "special report" online is coming up as well.
4:00 pm
we will talk about things we didn't talk about right here on the panel. you may want to log on and check it out if you haven't been there before. make it good night. right now two big developing stories a race against the clock. ebola survivor dr. kent brantly rushing to the the rescue with his own blood trying to save another ebola patient. you are about to find out what dr. brantly is doing, make no mistake about it, ebola is deadly. just today terrible news out of a dallas hospital liberian man who came into the united states with ebola undetected. well, he died. that news as our government desperately fights to keep ebola from entering the u.s. and from spreading across the united states. and today, the homeland security department ordering new screening measures at five u.s. airports. all the the latest on ebola in just minutes. first, new fears isis could soon invade turkey the pentagon


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